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Your dedicated gunsmith team

Armed in America Firearms is proud to offer a complete range of gunsmith services. Our dedicated team of four talented and experienced gunsmiths can provide you with any repair, customization, enhancement or modification you require.

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Is your firearm not working correctly? Not shooting like it used to? Sometimes figuring out what’s wrong and how to get it fixed can be the biggest headache! From the smallest detail to a complete firearms restoration; our expert team can diagnose and repair your problem! No job is too big or too small!



  • Ultrasonic cleaning: This is a fast and effective way of getting some of the dirtiest firearms clean with the least amount of man hours spent. The powerful industrial transducers aggressively deep clean and degrease items, both inside and out. The firearm is then re-assembled, lubed, function tested, and returned to the customer in a minimum amount of time.
  • Hand Cleaning: This includes a complete breakdown of the firearm by one of our professional Gunsmiths or Certified Armorers. All parts will be inspected/tested and cleaned.  We recommend a full hand cleaning for older firearms that require a delicate touch, or extremely dirty guns that see high use and could have a higher probability of worn or broken parts.
  • Fire Restoration: House fires are a disaster and many times your firearms are overlooked in the recovery effort. Our team can remove and repair the sut, water and smoke damage so your collection stays in excellent health. We’ll even work with your home owners insurance company so you don’t have to!



  • Parkerizing: We offer both Manganese and Phosphate Parkerizing. This is a method of protecting a steel surface from corrosion and increasing its resistance to wear through the application of a chemical phosphate conversion coating. Commonly found on most World War II firearms, such as the 1911, M1 Garand, and  1903 Springfield.
  • Cold Blue Touch-Up: Sometimes it’s possible to do small touch-ups on little parts such as screw heads or hammers that have lost their bluing.



  • Mount and Bore Sight Scope:  This service includes installing a mounting base, scope rings, and optic. Applying the proper torque values and symmetrical alignment is key to repeatable accuracy.
  • We Install ALL Types of Optics: Scopes, Red Dots, Reflex Sights, Night Vision/Thermal, Metal/Backup Sights.



  • Barrel Threading: The trend today is to thread rifle or handgun barrels for eventual use with suppressors (silencers). It is a ballistically sound practice and provides a superior level of hearing protection when the suppressor is properly mounted. Our qualified machinists can thread your existing rifle or pistol barrel to most common thread patterns such as 1/2×28, 5/8×24, etc.
  • Crowning: A symmetrical crown at the end of your barrel is absolutely crucial to repeatable accuracy. If the last segments of rifling and or your barrel crown is damaged you will NOT have a accurate gun. If the last thing your bullet touches is wrong, your groups (or lack thereof) will be inconsistent.
  • Rifle Barrel Service: We offer a “Cut & Crown” service. A small portion of length is removed from the rifle if the last bit of rifling is damaged and the barrel is then re-crowned, vastly improving accuracy.
  • The Armed In America “Hunter’s Special”: Does your favorite deer/hunting Rifle not shoot the way it used to? The AiA Hunters Special Barrel Cut & Crown just might be what you’re looking for. Same as the “Cut & Crown” service but with your Basic Round Hunting Crown. This option is perfect if you are not in need of barrel threading service. (For those of you who don’t hunt suppressed but want to return the rifle to its original accuracy.)
  • Blue Printing Bolt Action Rifles: Sloppy tolerances have become all too common on brand new rifle actions – That’s where we come in! Truing your action, ensures the receiver face, threads, lugs, bolt lugs and bolt face are square to the center line of the receiver – and the accuracy results speak for themselves!
  • Glass Bedding: The accuracy of your rifle is dependent upon the fit and stability of the metal work in relation to the stock of your firearm. This fit is improved through the process of bedding your rifle — coating the stock’s interior with an epoxy resin. When you apply additional bedding, or glass bedding, material to your rifle’s stock, you will stabilize the barreled action within the stock and increase the accuracy of your rifle.


  • Trigger Job
  • Action Job
  • “The 1911 Fred Trigger/Action Job”: Once you’ve felt a 1911 trigger and Action job by our senior hunsmith Mr. Fred Fuller, you’ll never leave another 1911-style pistol stock again. And it will be hard to be beat for the price you are getting.
  • Trigger/Disconnector Install: If your handgun is lacking in the trigger department, it might be time for a upgrade. We do everything from aftermarket drop-in triggers to custom Glock Ghost Evo Elite trigger installs, and all the way up to full 1911 trigger/action jobs.



  • Long Gun Butt-Pad Installation: We custom cut and fit to your desired length of pull. Most guns are a generic length of pull. Wouldn’t you rather your gun fit your shoulder like it was made just for you? Recoil reduction is also a pleasant side effect from adding a custom fit de-cell recoil pad.
  • 1911 Wood Grip / Revolver Restoration
  • Wood Finishing: Hunter finish (oil rub) or Gunsmith finish (stained and sealed)
  • Glass Bedding Barrel and Action: for hunting rifles and M-1 Garand, M1A, etc.
  • Fit Synthetic Stock
  • Install Recoil Pad



  • General Troubleshooting and Diagnosis
  • We address one of the MOST Common Over-Looked Aspects of Proper Function in the AR15: Improper horizontal spent case ejection trajectory. (Test fire, Install Proper Spring & Buffer, Test Fire, Confirm Pattern & Function. Repeat if necessary.)
  • Improperly Staked Gas Key: Could result in a variety of cycling issues
  • Lack of Staked Castel Nut: Loss of functioning assembly parts
  • Gas Block Alignment:  Improperly installed fire control group
  • Muzzle Device Installation: Flash Hider, Muzzle Brake, Compensator.
  • Install & “Time” of MD/Suppressor Mount
  • Pin&Weld a Muzzle Device for OAL 16” Legal Rifle Barrel Length.
  • Complete Platform Build: Upper, Lower, Rifle, Carbine, SBR, SBS, AOW, Folding/Take-Down SBR
  • Unique/Non-NATO Standard Calibers in the AR15/M4 Platform:  Examples include 204 Ruger, AR47-7.62×39, AR74-5.45X39, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8SPC, etc.
  • Pistol Caliber AR15 Carbines: 9mm, .40S&W, 10MM,.357SIG, etc. Many can build them, we can help you build them right, the first time!
  • Plan Your Next AR15/AR10-SR25 Platform Build At Armed In America Firearms!
  • Install Aftermarket Trigger
  • Install Forend / Free-Float
  • Assemble Complete Upper
  • Assemble Complete Lower
  • Assemble Complete Rifle
  • Install Flash Hider on Threaded Barrel
  • Install Flash Muzzle Break on Threaded Barrel
  • Thread Barrel on Lathe
  • Open Gas Ports for Functioning
  • Install or Replace Gas Block
  • Install or Replace Buttstock and Buffer Tube
  • Install New Drop in Furniture

Meet Your Gunsmiths


Thomas Gabriel, Jr.

Thomas is experienced in a multitude of AR15/M4 Building & Diagnosis, NFA Items (Suppressors, SBR, AOWs). He has a fascination for all things military, including surplus weapons and militaria. His career background is in polystyrene manufacturing for the US Army Corps of Engineers and local cement companies such as Urban-Concrete.


John Maike
Senior Gunsmith

John is a master gunsmith with over 25 years’ experience. From threading barrels to hot bluing, general repair, stock work or even building precision rifles – John now applies his expertise to your firearms in the Armed in America Service Center. With John on the tools, your prized weapons are in the right hands!


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